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by Charlie Liang | April 1, 2016

Introducing BigPanda One

In October 2015, BigPanda launched #FlyAboveTheNoise, a program geared at assisting IT & DevOps professionals to rise above their IT alert noise. The premise was simple: Trade in your noisy IT alerts by taking a trial of BigPanda, and you get a drone.

“Fly Above the Noise was a huge success. 3,000+ respondents and millions of correlated alerts later, it’s clear that the world not only needs to be free from alert noise, but it needs drones to automate the event management process,” said BigPanda CEO Assaf Resnick.

Fly Above the Noise generated so much buzz (pun intended), we’ve decided to add it to BigPanda’s core platform. So today, we’re excited to announce BigPanda One, the first drone to feature Automated Alert Correlation (AAC).

BigPanda One is designed for DevOps and IT professionals who no longer want to be afraid of missing critical alerts while monitoring infrastructure or code deployments. “Before BigPanda One, you’d be bombarded with noisy alerts, whether at work or on-call. Now, you can simply turn on the drone and it’s like setting up an ‘alert forcefield’. In the event that a real alert comes through, you just turn on the VR ‘single-pane of glass’ mode, and it’s like a scene from the movie Minority Report. It’s a gamechanger,” says Joe Schwartz, VP of Marketing at BigPanda (who’s admittedly a big fan of Tom Cruise).

Scheduled to debut in June 2016, BigPanda One will feature AAC, as well as a slew of other features, including an integration with Snapchat for on-call video “snaps”, the “I’m Feeling Lucky” random incident resolution widget, virtual reality (VR) “single pane of glass” mode, and of course, support for “Nagios Love”, the popular time-travel machine.

To learn more about #FlyAboveTheNoise, visit or sign up for a live demo and one of our friendly sales reps would be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding BigPanda One.

Happy April Fools!


Charlie Liang - Director of Marketing

Charlie was Director of Marketing at BigPanda. Connect with Charlie on LinkedIn.