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by Elik Eizenberg | February 8, 2016

Announcing the latest update to MonitoringScape!

When we released the first version of MonitoringScape six months ago, we set out to help IT professionals navigate the ever-growing and evolving world of modern monitoring. Since then, this landscape has only continued to proliferate and expand. Every month, promising new tools are popping up across a broad range of monitoring specialties – and we here at BigPanda are determined to keep MonitoringScape up-to-date to provide you with a go-to source for discovering and researching new solutions.

In that vein, we’re happy to announce the newest version of MonitoringScape, which includes more than 35 updates!

Announcing the latest update to MonitoringScape!

We would like to thank the members of the IT community that helped us curate and stay on top of all the latest developments by submitting GitHub issues and pull requests. Your feedback and contributions are an integral part of MonitoringScape.

So what’s new in the world of monitoring? Here are three key trends that emerged as we were working on the latest edition:

  • SaaS acquisitions: The SolarWinds suite saw a big boost with the acquisition of no less than three SaaS monitoring tools, including times-series platform Librato, log manager PaperTrail, and website monitor Pingdom. In addition, BMC acquired Boundary (also a SaaS tool) and incorporated it into their TrueSight solution.

  • Open source invasion: No less than 10 new open source projects were added to MonitoringScape, with many projects maturing into reliable production-ready tools. For example, InfluxDB evolved into the impressive InfluxData platform and Cachet has become a viable open-source alternative to the great

  • Focus on APM: New Relic’s share peaked at around $40, valuing the company at more than $1.5 billion. Competitor AppDynamics is rumored to IPO this year at a similar valuation. Scout is now focused on Application Monitoring – as is CorrelSenseDripStat is a new player in this space. All in all, it appears more and more companies are seeing a growing opportunity in the APM category.

To download the latest MonitoringScape poster, and for details on all of the tools included, head over to the MonitoringScape site!

Elik Eizenberg - Chief Technology Officer

Elik is CTO of BigPanda. His passions are yoga, wine & highly-scalable data processing systems. Previously he managed dev and ops teams at the Israeli Intelligence Service.