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by Tiffany Cantle | September 19, 2016

Velocity NYC: It’s time for take-off

Velocity NYC kicks off this week – and our team is in the Big Apple to conduct demos, answer all your burning questions, and yes, hand out some of our cute panda swag. If past events are anything to go by, our adorable panda tees have proven to be quite a hit, so be sure to stop by booth 501 bright and early to get yours! While you’re there, say hello to the friendly panda crew – and check out all the latest and greatest from our powerful alert correlation platform, including:

Velocity NYC: It’s time for take-off

Unified Search

BigPanda’s Unified Search allows you to centralize and visualize alert data from all of your monitoring tools in a single place. Our powerful search technology makes it easy to investigate service disruptions across your entire monitoring stack, eliminating the need to manually combine data from individual tools or use complex query languages to gather information. BigPanda allows you to search historical alerts, even if the original monitoring tool did not retain the data, and uses an intuitive and easy-to-use query language (BPQL), so first-response support teams can independently investigate incidents without being an expert in using Splunk, SolarWinds, Nagios, or any other monitoring tool.

Improved Incident Management

Over the past few weeks, we’ve rolled out a number of improvements designed to make it even easier for you to manage, triage, and investigate incidents. This means faster detection, faster time to understanding, and faster resolution. It includes the ability to take bulk actions on a large number of incidents, view detailed share information for any particular issue, and easily view incident details from both the incident timeline and within Unified Search. We also launched an update to our incident feed which offers a faster refresh when you log in to the BigPanda dashboard. The faster load time allows users to quickly switch between Environments or navigate to incidents in BigPanda from external tickets.

New Out-of-the-Box Integrations

At BigPanda, we’re all about time to value. While some solutions take months to get off the ground, BigPanda’s out-of-the-box integrations are designed to get you up and running in minutes. This means that you’ll see the power and benefits of alert correlation from day one, not months down the line. As part of our commitment to maximizing your value, we’re continually adding new integrations which are maintained on an ongoing basis by our team of engineers. This means that any time your monitoring tool releases a new patch or update, we’ll automatically update the integration – no additional work required on your end. That means fewer headaches for you, less room for error, and more time to focus on what matters most.

So if you’re ready to put an end to alert noise once for all, be sure to stop by booth 501, Sept 21-22 at Velocity NYC to learn how BigPanda can help. Have questions in the meantime? Drop us a line anytime. We’ll see you soon!

Tiffany Cantle

Tiffany was Senior Marketing Manager at BigPanda. Connect with Tiffany on LinkedIn.