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by Assaf Resnick | August 13, 2014

What’s New at BigPanda – A bigger team and brand new office!

A bigger team and a brand new office!

It's been a busy summer! At BigPanda, we're reinventing Incident Management for Ops and that takes a kickass team. Thanks to your enthusiasm for what we're doing, we've doubled since April (including a strategic hire directly from Atlassian's JIRA). To help accommodate all this growth, we just moved into our brand new office in Mountain View, CA. Want to join the BigPanda team? We'd love to have you! Email us at

What’s New at BigPanda – A bigger team and brand new office!

Even more integrations…

Every day, we get requests for more alert and deployment integrations and the BigPanda Team is working to delivering them faster than you can say 404. Just in the last few weeks, we’ve added Sensu, PRTG, Opsview, Icinga, AppDynamics, StatusCake, and even a REST API for your own proprietary systems! This makes BigPanda the best way to see your alerts in the context of other alerts from all of your monitoring systems.

Get the full picture in your incident feed

The latest release of BigPanda includes a detailed historical log of your team’s responses to every incident. Easily see when events happened, who was assigned, and what actions were performed. 

BigPanda Incident Log

What’s next? Bringing data science to Ops

Deep underneath BigPanda’s simple & clean UI for incident management is the clustering and noise suppression algorithm at the heart of it all. It’s like Google’s PageRank algorithm – it was a hard problem to solve, no one else was doing it right, and it’s why our team got together in the first place. Stay tuned, we’ve got more clustering-magic coming soon.

We bet you have a few great ideas about how you’d cluster events specifically for your environment. We’re looking for companies like yours to collaborate with us to shape BigPanda’s features. Want to join our Customer Council?

Still haven’t tried BigPanda?

Get started quickly & free. All of your Ops alerts automagicly organized & clustered into incidents. Correlate your incidents and deployments in one place. Automate your incident response! Resolve issues faster!

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Want help getting started?

We’ve got the guide for you. Check out the Getting Started with BigPanda guide on!

Assaf Resnick - CEO at BigPanda

Assaf Resnick is CEO of BigPanda. He enjoys uptime, freetime and cheesecake. Previous to founding BigPanda, Assaf was an investor with Sequoia Capital. He lives in California with his wife and two beautiful kids.