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“We were struggling to work with many different tools in order to monitor the performance of our operations. Investigating alerts across our stack was tedious and time consuming. We were at risk of missing critical errors that could impact production. BigPanda enables us to centralize our IT monitoring and quickly spot the issues that matter most.”
– Ella Vidra, Director of IT Operations, Playtika

Growth requires intelligent monitoring

Playtika has grown significantly over the past few years. It has vastly increased the portfolio of immersive social games it offers to its large audience of players. Playtika has also acquired several companies in recent years, each one with a unique and heterogeneous monitoring stack. That means more data centers, more applications, more monitoring tools, and more alerts. Just a few years ago, the interactive gaming company relied on three monitoring systems for operational visibility. Today its ops team works with more than ten different monitoring tools, all of which are essential to ensuring the optimal performance of the company’s games and applications. Before implementing BigPanda, investigating issues was tedious and time consuming. Manually remediating alerts from fragmented monitoring tools required slow and manual work, overloading the IT staff. They feared they might miss critical errors that would impact the company’s production systems. The IT team needed a smarter way to manage their fragmented monitoring infrastructure and make better use of IT resources.

Centralized and unified monitoring

With BigPanda, Playtika was able to centralize all of its fragmented monitoring tools into a single unified platform that provides instant insight into the health of their IT systems. Moreover, by automatically correlating alerts from multiple systems into high-level incidents, BigPanda enabled Playtika’s IT pros to cut through the noise and quickly detect problematic issues. And as Playtika has acquired companies in recent years, BigPanda has allowed them to consolidate the operations management of these newly acquired companies virtually overnight, with zero migration cost.

A mission-critical platform

Today, BigPanda is a mission critical platform used by Playtika’s NOC engineers for day-to-day incident management. Since implementing BigPanda, Playtika has reduced noisy alerts by 93 percent, which has enabled the IT team to resolve more incidents in less time. Playtika’s NOC engineers use BigPanda’s collaboration features extensively, allowing the team to communicate internally and handle shift changes more efficiently than before. They have also set up Custom Views for individual games and applications so they can create dedicated monitoring dashboards for each product. This enables Playtika to laser focus on the health of mission critical services and to quickly react to the issues that truly matter to the business.

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Digital Gaming

Tools integrated:
AppDynamics, Icinga, Nagios, New Relic, Pingdom, ServiceNow, Zabbix

Playtika Ltd. develops social casino games. The company has more than 1,300 employees throughout the United States, Canada, Israel, Belarus, Argentina, Japan, Ukraine, and Romania. Playtika was recently acquired for $4.4 billion by a consortium led by Giant Network Technology Co.

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