Manage & Respond
to Ops Incidents Faster


Consolidate all of your alerts
Assign, track & snooze incidents.
Collaborate better. Resolve issues faster.

Supported systems include:

Integrate all of your monitoring systems with BigPanda


Why you’ll love BigPanda


Issue Tracking for Ops

To manage & track your flood of daily Ops alerts, you need an incident management platform that was custom built for the scale & speed of modern Ops. All of your alerts in one place, automatically clustered into incidents. That's BigPanda.

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Reduce Noisy Alerts

Snooze non-actionable alerts. Group related alerts into high-level incidents based on host, cluster or application. BigPanda keeps your alert stream organized and free of clutter, so you can focus on critical events.

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Visualize Your Alerts

BigPanda makes it easy to trace the unfolding lifecycle of an incident. Visualize alerts within the context of their related alerts in an incident. Stop sifting through a sea of emails & support tickets. Get one clear & concise picture updated automatically in real-time.

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Collaborate Quickly & Easily

Track any alert from any monitoring system. Assign & escalate incidents in just a few clicks. Keep your entire team up-to-date on critical incidents. Ops-aware collaboration so you can collaborate better & respond faster.

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Correlate Incidents & Changes

The majority of alerts are caused by internal changes - things like code deploys and configuration changes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see those alerts alongside of the changes that triggered them. With BigPanda, now you can.

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