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by Elik Eizenberg | June 15, 2015

Announcing MonitoringScape

At BigPanda, we always enjoy hearing about our customers’ monitoring setups. A fascinating pattern we’ve noticed is the uniqueness of each setup.

Announcing MonitoringScape

One company uses a Graphite-backed Icinga with a propriety in-house solution for transaction monitoring. Another company uses StackDriver to monitor their AWS instances and Zabbix for their dedicated data-centers. A third one relies solely on New Relic and Splunk. And on and on.

Each setup has a story. A marriage of opinions, experiences and constraints inspires engineers and managers as they gradually build a tailored monitoring solution. Certainly, the abundance of tools in our space allows for plenty of creativity.

Today, we are happy to announce a new community resource, aimed at providing greater visibility on the ever-evolving monitoring landscape. MonitoringScape is a catalog of monitoring tools, categorized into high-level monitoring use-cases. Use it to compare solutions when seeking to adopt a new tool, or discover new categories that might touch on your company’s operational pains. Check it out now.

Note: MonitoringScape is entirely open-source and contributions of all kinds are very welcome. We are aware that many tools are still missing and that categorization is still imperfect (that’s why your feedback is so important!).

Elik Eizenberg - VP R&D

Elik is CTO of BigPanda. His passions are yoga, wine & highly-scalable data processing systems. Previously he managed dev and ops teams at the Israeli Intelligence Service.