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by Dan Turchin | January 31, 2016

In search of DevOps: 11 questions this picture made me ask

We all agree on what DevOps isn’t: a product, service, mineral, or celestial body. And we mostly agree to disagree on when the coveted “DevOps” badge is earned. All of which is deeply unsatisfying.

I needed an answer to the question “what is DevOps?” so I turned to that oracle in the cloud, that omniscient arbiter of global zeitgeist. Boy was I disappointed.

Above is the first Google image result for the search “DevOps”.

Huh? 11 questions it made me ask...

In search of DevOps: 11 questions this picture made me ask

  1. Seriously. You ever see developers sit that close to the ops team?
  2. Is that developer reading the New York Times? Graphic’s too big to be Slashdot or Stack Overflow.
  3. Why is the ops dude sitting at a desk? At least he seems to be playing World of Warcraft. Or looking at the molecular structure of table salt.
  4. Who uses a PC any more?
  5. I would if mine hovered three inches off the desk. Does that mean it’s banned from planes?
  6. Are those disk drives?
  7. Who sits at the opposite side of the desk from the workstation? Is that ergonomically sound?
  8. Small heads? Small monitors? Either way, definitely not Silicon Valley.
  9. Somewhere, Mr. Venn’s vomiting in his grave. Since when do dev and ops overlap by a third?
  10. One developer per ops engineer? Haven’t seen that ratio since booth babes roamed the floor of Internet World in 2000.
  11. No facial hair? Tattoos? Vendor swag? Definitely stand-ins from marketing.

11 questions. No answers. But I know DevOps isn’t two bald dudes with the posture of a creamsicle in matching cubicles reading op eds.

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