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by Dan Turchin | February 10, 2016

MonitoringScape Live episode 1: cloud monitoring

We’re more dependent than ever on cloud infrastructure. At work. At home. At play. But what happens when the cloud fails? Ask the more than 75 million Netflix subscribers or more than 100,000 companies that rely on They’ll tell you cloud failures are costly and painful.

Cloud-based apps and services must be available all the time… and yet they aren’t. DevOps and NOC teams responsible for maintaining their health must resolve issues immediately… and yet they can’t. On this MonitoringScape Live episode hear from the experts why cloud monitoring is critical, why it’s hard, and what organizations are doing to help all of us live cloudier, better lives.

In this episode, our panel of cloud aficionados discuss where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re headed as an IT ops community.

Keep the conversation going at MonitoringScape Live.

Dan Turchin - VP of Product

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