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by Dan Turchin | March 10, 2016

MonitoringScape Live episode 2: Monitoring Containers

More than ever, we live in an age of now. Movies on-demand. Health metrics streamed to wearables. Package delivery by drone. Any cuisine, any time.

Immediate everything enabled by technology requires new application architectures, organizational thinking, and approaches to performance monitoring.

One of the technology trends most associated with this "short attention span lifestyle" is the segmentation of services and workloads into containers.

Containers make it easier to manage high volumes of features, agile requirements, and complex inter-dependencies between services and servers. But they also make managing and monitoring applications more difficult.

In this episode of MonitoringScape live, we explore: What are the implications of container-based architectures for DevOps teams? Where have we been? Where are we now? Where are we headed?

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Dan Turchin - VP of Product

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