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by Tiffany Cantle | October 10, 2016

MonitoringScape Live – Episode 2 with Jason Dixon

In the latest episode of our MonitoringScape Live podcast series, we sit down with Jason Dixon, VP Product Strategy at Raintank, founder of Monitorama, and author of "Monitoring with Graphite: Tracking Dynamic Host and Application Metrics at Scale". Jason is joined by Adrian Cockcroft, Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures, former lead architect for Netflix, and author of the best-selling book, "Sun Performance and Tuning".

MonitoringScape Live – Episode 2 with Jason Dixon

Along with Dan Turchin, the crew discusses a wide range of topics relevant to the latest trends in IT monitoring, including:

  • The evolution of Monitorama and how it become the event it is today
  • A look back at some of the best talks of Monitorama past
  • The inspiration behind Jason’s latest book, “Monitoring with Graphite”, and his predictions for the future of Graphite and Grafana
  • How to best “monitor the monitoring tools”, ensuring high availability for the systems that keep a pulse on the health of applications and infrastructure
  • Predictions for the future of automation in IT operations

Stay tuned – more episodes of MonitoringScape Live, coming soon!

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