What It Does

What It Does

BigPanda’s Custom View feature allows you to group, view, and analyze incidents by logical categorization that makes sense for your organization (e.g. application, micro-service, business service, team, customer, host, or any other variable).

• Identify critical issues: Immediately hone in on the exact part of your environment that you want to investigate, rather than having to aggregate fragmented details from various monitoring tools.

• See only what matters to you: Custom Views enable you to quickly identify whether a critical issue affects your area of responsibility. For example, developers can create a Custom View to track the health of a particular micro-service across all infrastructure, network, and application monitoring tools.

• Gain contextual awareness: Grouping incidents logically provides context for how incidents relate to each other.

How It Works

How It Works

Automatically combine incidents from multiple monitoring tools into logical groupings based on any criteria that makes sense to your organization.

• Custom hierarchies: Group incidents according to a specific application, micro-service, business service, team, customer, or any other custom criteria.

• Custom dashboards: Custom Views are visualized through a central dashboard, allowing you to easily track the health of your critical apps and infrastructure in real-time.

• Notification routing: Subscribing to a Custom View allows you create advanced rules for routing tickets and notifications across your collaboration tools. Customized workflows ensure that you always send the right notice to the right person through the right channel.

Case in Point

Case in Point

BigPanda’s Custom Views provide the flexibility to tailor your monitoring strategy to your unique business requirements.

• Any cloud: Centralize visibility across public and private clouds. Differentiate among multiple clouds and view incidents at the level of applications and shared resources.

• Any application or micro-service: In order to quickly resolve issues, DevOps professionals need to be able to view incidents at the application level or microservice level. BigPanda automatically groups incidents across monitoring tools so teams can take quick, decisive action.

• Any team: Your NOC team wants full-stack visibility, your app developers and DBAs want to focus on issues that pertain to their specific environments, and your client services team wants to monitor SLAs. BigPanda allows you to customize environments for each type of user.

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