The information you need
to solve issues faster

BigPanda automatically enriches incidents with added context

The information you need<br>to solve issues faster

Reduce time to understanding and effectively triage issues

Gain a deeper understanding of IT issues so you can quickly resolve problems. BigPanda automatically enriches incidents with information that helps you effectively triage and minimize downtime. The Unified Search feature allows you to easily identify related incidents and rich analytical reports help you unlock information buried within your IT alerts.



BigPanda Unified Search processes alert data from all your monitoring sources so you don’t have to conduct parallel searches to gather relevant information.

  • Streamline search: BigPanda’s powerful search technology spans multiple live incident streams. A single user interface and consistent normalization layer makes it easy to investigate service disruptions.
  • Search historical incidents: Operations managers use BigPanda Unified Search to perform post mortem reviews of major incidents.
  • Simplify investigations: BigPanda Unified Search helps all levels of IT professionals investigate system issues by discovering complex patterns that may be hidden in the data. This increases system uptime and increases mean time between failures (MTBF).
  • Accelerate MTTR: BigPanda Unified Search enables Operations engineers and technicians to trace preceding incidents, changes, and related alerts so you can drastically reduce MTTR.
Enriched Incidents

Enriched Incidents

BigPanda automatically enriches incidents with insights such metrics, runbooks, recent code deployments, Configuration Items and more, so you have everything you need to understand:

  • How an issue is impacting your business
  • Why an issue is happening
  • What you should do about it


BigPanda generates reports that visualize trends in your monitoring data. Reviewing these reports helps you gain insight into hot spots in your environment. They also allow you track mean time to resolution over time, to see how your teams are performing.

  • BigPanda reports help you discover top misbehaving apps, machines, and services that may be wreaking havoc on your overall performance
  • Summarized trends and insights allow you to step back and consider environmental factors that could be causing problems.
  • Having high-level visibility into wide-ranging issues is the starting point for systematically improving MTTR and MTBF.

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