Reduce Alert Noise. Improve MTTR.

Reduce Alert Noise. Improve MTTR.

Today’s monitoring stack is complex, fragmented, and noisy. When multiple tools create a flood of alerts, IT teams are left struggling to identify and resolve incidents in a timely manner, resulting in poor uptime and angry customers. BigPanda automatically correlates alerts from all of your various monitoring systems into unified, high-level incidents, so you can instantly detect critical issues and start taking action.

Correlates IT alerts up to 99%.

Works out-of-the-box, no set-up required. Correlation logic is transparent and customizable.

Integrates with your existing monitoring tools in minutes (Nagios, New Relic, AppDynamics, Splunk, Zabbix, Cloudwatch, Pingdom and more).

Minimizes downtime and reduces MTTR (mean time to resolution) by an average of 86%.

• Automatically enriches incidents with contextual information such as runbooks, metrics, related incidents, and more.

BigPanda Solutions

Transform Your IT Alerts into Actionable Insights

Algorithmic Alert Correlation

Auto Correlate Your Application, Network, and Infrastructure Alerts

Smart Ticketing

Streamline and Enrich Ticketing, Chat and On-Call Communications

Centralized Visibility

Unify Monitoring Visibility Across All Your Teams or Lines of Business

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