Unified Visibility<br>Across Monitoring Tools

Unified Visibility
Across Monitoring Tools

When different teams or lines of business exist within the same organization, IT monitoring often ends up operating in silos. This fragmented approach makes it difficult to gain visibility into the overall IT health of the organization. BigPanda consolidates monitoring alerts into a single pane of glass to provide you with a centralized view across the organization. By intelligently clustering alerts into high-level incidents, you can maximize your resources and spot critical issues faster.

Centralize your IT monitoring into a single platform.

• Consolidate alert management, search, and reporting across all your monitoring tools.

• Create custom views for specific teams, products, or lines of business, so you can easily monitor and retain granular insights into the health of any business unit.

Take advantage of smart, automated ticketing with popular collaboration tools such as Slack, JIRA, and ServiceNow.

BigPanda Solutions

Transform Your IT Alerts into Actionable Insights

Algorithmic Alert Correlation

Auto Correlate Your Application, Network, and Infrastructure Alerts

Smart Ticketing

Streamline and Enrich Ticketing, Chat and On-Call Communications

Centralized Visibility

Unify Monitoring Visibility Across All Your Teams or Lines of Business

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