BigPanda transforms noisy IT alerts into rich, actionable incidents

Algorithmic Alert Correlation

Algorithmic Alert Correlation

Reduce Alert Noise

The Challenge: Manually filtering through noisy alerts is time consuming and makes it hard to spot critical issues, which leads to downtime, angry customers, and slow time to resolution.
Solution: BigPanda automatically correlates IT alerts from all your monitoring systems into high-level incidents, helping you reduce noise and spot critical issues faster.

This helps you:

  • Instantly detect critical issues.
  • Quickly gain the understanding required to triage and remediate incidents.
  • Reduce MTTR and keep your customers happy.
Smart Ticketing

Smart Ticketing

Streamline and Enrich Your Communications

The Challenge: Ticketing and chat platforms were not built for the scale and complexity of modern IT environments. Automating alerts from your monitoring tools can quickly bury you in notifications that are repetitive and lack the necessary context for remediation.
Solution: BigPanda creates tickets and notifications based on correlated incidents, rather than each individual alert. Tickets are updated in real-time and enriched with contextual information such as runbooks, configuration items, code deployments, related incidents, and more.

This helps you:

  • Reduce clutter in your ticketing, chat and on-call tools.
  • Gain the context needed to prioritize incidents and make informed decisions.
  • Detect critical issues faster and lower MTTR.
Centralized Visibility

Centralized Visibility

Break Down Monitoring Silos

The Challenge: Organizations which operate multiple locations or lines of business often employ a fragmented approach to IT in which each team effectively operates in a silo: each using their own tools, monitoring their own systems, and maintaining their own applications. This makes it difficult for leaders to gain unified visibility into overall IT health across the business.
Solution: BigPanda consolidates all your fragmented monitoring tools into a single pane of glass to provide unified visibility and a single source of truth.

This helps you:

  • Intelligently cluster IT alerts across departmental boundaries.
  • Empower teams to share insights across organizational silos.
  • Gain wider visibility into IT health across the organization.
Custom Views

Custom Views

Focus on the Issues that Matter to You

The Challenge: Most monitoring tools were designed to provide visibility into a narrowly defined part of the operating stack (e.g. networking, storage, APM). This leaves IT teams struggling to connect the dots to determine how a particular incident affects your system.
Solution: BigPanda clusters and organizes alerts from fragmented monitoring systems into user-defined Custom Views so you can quickly and easily see exactly how an incident affects your system.

This helps you:

  • Custom Views can reflect any logical grouping of your production environment: application, micro-service, business service, cloud, customer, team, location, SLA, etc.
  • Enables developers to easily monitor the health of their own applications or areas of responsibility.
  • Create unique on-call and ticketing rules for any Custom View to be automatically notified of relevant incidents.

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